Hong Kong Shark Fin Sidewalk

OK, I'm back.

A friend called me up today with a tip-off, saying "you gotta come here now and shoot this!"

So I did. The location is Fung Mat Road, a quiet area of Hong Kong in between the Whitty Street Tram Depot and the Western Wholesale Vegetable Market.

I tried to count the fins, but I got dizzy very quickly.

These two muppets were guarding them. Imagine what this scene would look like if the bodies were still attached to those shark fins. And now imagine that scene again, but this time underwater. And now imagine that scene one last time with those two guys swimming at the surface!

It is very difficult to photograph shark fins drying in the sun in places like South Africa and Costa Rica. The shark fins drying there are usually kept out of sight behing high breezeblock walls with barbed wire and security cameras. By Chinese organized crime syndicates. The same ones they have here. This is because global shark fin traders know they are doing bad stuff and do not want negative publicity. However in Asia's World City, shark fin drying is done in public - in flagrante, as my friend so well put it today.

How long will it be until this is illegal in Hong Kong? I mean this is really nuts. Totally unsustainable. Even I am shocked.

How long will the Hong Kong Government continue to hide behind C.I.T.E.S.?

Utterly. Speechless.

Watch an iPhone video of it too.


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