The Great Hong Kong Train Protest, Disappointment...

It was always a done deal.

Tonight lawmakers in Hong Kong finally approved funding for the controversial Express Rail Link to Guangzhou in a 31-21 vote during a meeting of the city's Legislative Council Finance Committee.

After a marathon two days of filibustering the bill eventually got through, sparking a wave of popular revolt which manifested itself in scuffles with riot police. The mood was darker than yesterday, although the singing, dancing and drumming continued.

Protesters staged sit-ins at various intersections in Central district, after the results of the vote were announced at 6.30pm.

This effectively locked down the whole area and ensured that all exits to the Legislative Council Building were blocked. This is the scene in Jackson Road, next to the Hong Kong Club Building.

The object of their ire, Transport Secretary Eva Cheng, was prevented from leaving.

The police started to remove the protesters one by one, but soon gave up as the number of protesters swelled.

Once the dust settles, it will be interesting to assess the political fall-out from these last few days of anti-Government protests.

The New Territories village of Tsoi Yuen lies directly in the path of the Express Rail Link, and will have to be destroyed to make way for the fast train. It will be fascinating to see how this popular grass roots movement mobilizes to protect the villagers of Tsoi Yuen from forced eviction in October.

Probably the best thing they could do is to stay positive, like this little anti-rail link protester...

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