Hong Kong's Anti-High Speed Rail Link Protest...

Right now, I'm covering the anti-high speed rail link protest outside Hong Kong's Legislative Council Building.

Lawmakers are inside the building trying, for the third time, to push through a funding bill for the controversial HK$67 billion infrastructure project which many believe to be a huge white elephant.

The issue is galvanizing Hong Kong youth on a wide range of social issues, from green issues to universal suffrage.

The mood seems different to me from previous protests that I have covered in Hong Kong. There is a tangible sense of anger and frustration at the Hong Kong Government and the big business tycoons who many believe are colluding with them to line their pockets with the proceeds of this large, and I mean HUGE, infrastructure project.

I think it's great that people people both for and against the rail link are mobilizing through Facebook and Twitter.

The age and the digital divides are in plain evidence to see here today. (Twitter hash tag: #stopxrl)


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