Hong Kong's ParknShop Supermarket And Local Produce...

Spotted this today.

This is the ParknShop supermarket in Fisherman's Wharf next to the Celestial Heights residential development in Hung Hom, Kowloon.

If I was ParknShop owner Mr Li Ka-shing I would not be boasting about sourcing food globally.

In the current mood of post-Copenhagen disappointment, Mr Li should be aware that his slogan 'GLOBAL SOURCE' flys in the face of the sound environmental principles being adopted by supermarkets worldwide that care about social responsibility.

Quite simply put, transporting food by air is bad for the environment. Why buy food that has been flown halfway across the earth, when it can be got locally?

Since Flopenhagen no one talks about climate change much anymore, but the problem has not gone away.

And locally produced veggies taste better anyway. I did a taste test a few years ago whereby I made gazpacho with as many different kinds of tomatoes I could lay my hands on. This taste test included a super expensive variety of tomato from Causeway Bay's Sogo department store which are flown in from Japan daily. And you know what? The cheap Guangdong plum tomatoes from Central's Graham Street market tasted best. They won hands down.

Obviously I did the gazpacho test before I knew anything about the politics of food.

So to my local readers, please think again before choosing those Washington apples flown in from the USA. Chinese apples are just as good...

For more on the ethics of 'food miles' click here.


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