'Man & Shark', A Sneak Preview

Here's a sneak preview of a short movie that I have been working on for quite while.

The movie is still a work in progress, as I need to add a better music soundtrack. A music producer friend of my brother is supposed to be helping me out with that.

The short film 'Man & Shark' will be officially released in Hong Kong sometime around Chinese New Year, in tandem with a book of the same title.

The movie contains video footage shot by me in Mozambique, Yemen and Hong Kong. It also contains underwater footage of sharks from Indonesia and Fiji.

The book 'Man & Shark' will also contain many of my photographs on the subject of sharks and shark finning, as well some awesome photographs by co-author and fellow Hong Kong photographer Paul Hilton, among many others.

It's a stop/start project of ours that has been going on since April 2006, so as you can well imagine, we will be glad to finally get closure on it.

Roll on Chinese New Year, roll on the printing presses.


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