Trashion Show In Hong Kong

Students at Rennaisance College, Ma On Shan, held a 'Trashion Show' tonight, to showcase eco-friendly creations made out of recycled materials.

The show was held at their school to raise awareness about recycling in Hong Kong.

This dress is made from recycled aluminium soda cans.

It looks good front and back.

Other garments worn by the students were made from cardboard, plastic bags, packing tape, bubble wrap, car tyres, plastic bottles...

... old Chinese lanterns... 

...and discarded Chinese Lai See packets.

Over 1,200 plastic bottles, 100 kilograms of cardboard and 40 car tyres were collected to the create one-off fashion pieces.

A bubble wrap corset with bubble wrap angel wings.

It's great to see kids in Hong Kong raising awareness about the importance of recycling.

For commercial reasons, recycling is not a common activity in Hong Kong. Definitely not as common as it is in Europe (especially Germany), the United States or Australia.

Louis Kang, 17, (C), the Korean student who directed the show said “Hong Kong really lags behind the rest of the developed world when it comes to recycling. The trashion concept shows that you can create something beautiful out of almost anything. We hope it makes people think twice before they throw something away. Instead of adding to a landfill or littering the city, you can be creative!”

I couldn't agree more. I usually shoot Hong Kong Fashion Week twice a year. But the flair and creativity I saw in the collections presented by the young designers at Rennaisance College certainly beats hands down some of the rubbish that I see at Fashion Week.

Young designer Jane Tan, 17, (C), has applied to study fashion design at St Martin's in London. I do hope she gets in, as her garments not only look wonderful, but can have a positive impact on society. Changing the way Hong Kongers view their 'lapsap' would be a great feat indeed.


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