Hong Kong Bus Terminal Time Lapse

According to the Hong Kong Government, this historic bus terminal on the Kowloon waterfront will be demolished in 2010 to make way for "an Italian-style piazza-cum-retail space".

Dating back to 1921, yet another slice of Hong Kong's collective memory will soon be wiped out forever.

First it was Central Star Ferry that had to go. Then it was Queen's Pier. Now the battle for Hong Kong's heritage looks set to resume at the Kowloon waterfront site.

Activists are getting ready for a new showdown with an administration that lacks sentimentality and appears bent on sanitizing the city in favour of property developers and the tourism industry.

After the old public transport interchange has been relocated, the walk from the Star Ferry to the new interchange will, at 20 minutes long, be so impracticable that even the continued existence of the city's iconic oceangoing vessels is now threatened.


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