CEO Of BYD Tops China Rich List 2009

Remember this guy?

It turns out that Wang Chuan Fu has gone from being the 103rd richest man in China last year, to being the country's No1 richest man this year, according to Hurun, a Shanghai-based consultancy. And that's all thanks to Warren Buffett, (read the full story why, here).

This is not exactly news, as the Financial Times broke the story on the 29th Spetember. But it's news to me, so I thought I'd share it with you, my blog crowd.

And here, just for kicks, are the winners of the Hurun No1 Richest Person in China list over the last eleven years:-

Year  Name  Wealth US$m Company   Industry
1999  Rong Yiren  1,000  Citic Pacific  Investments
2000  Rong Yiren  1,900  Citic Pacific  Investments
2001  Liu Yongxing, Liu Yonghao & bros  1,000  Hope Group  Pig feed
2002  Larry Rong Zhijian  850  Citic Pacific  Investments
2003  William Ding Lei  900  Netease  Internet portal
2004  Huang Guangyu  1,300  Gome  Electronics retail & real estate
2005  Huang Guangyu  1,700  Gome  Electronics retail & real estate
2006  Zhang Yin & family  3,400  Nine Dragons Paper  Paperboard
2007  Yang Huiyan  17,500  Country Garden  Real estate
2008  Huang Guangyu  6,300  Gome  Electronics retail & real estate
2009  Wang Chuanfu  5,100  BYD  Electric cars & rechargeable batteries

(Table courtesy of Hurun Report)

I'm still waiting for BYD's PR to get back to me with a date when I can visit their Shenzhen facility. But I don't think they need much publicity right at this moment, so I may be waiting a while longer...


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