Somebody Cuddling A Giant Animal in Hong Kong: An Ad Campaign For Watches

A girl cuddles a giant rabbit. Buy a watch. Another girl cuddles a giant alsatian. Buy a watch.

It's certainly eye-catching. Welcome to the wierd, wonderful, and sometimes hallucinatory, world of Hong Kong advertising.

This billboard, spotted in Causeway Bay a few weeks ago, was carrying a campaign by 'Solvil & Titus', makers of fine 'timepieces' and 'chronographs' to the bourgeoisie. That's watches to you and me. As I looked up at that ad from street level, the only thing running through my mind was: "How quickly can I warn that girl that at any given moment that rabbit could easily turn nasty, spin around, and bite her head off?" Since most people in this city have never seen a rabbit in real life, let alone stroked one, the chances of them ever having been on the recieving end of a sharp pair of rabbit incisors is even more remote. Which is why on that level I am sure that this ad works. Rabbits are well established in the Hong Kong pantheon of the cute and cuddly. And in Hong Kong big is usually better. So it must stand to reason that a big rabbit must be more adorable than a small, or at least a normal-sized, rabbit.

Apparently, according to the Solvil & Titus website, the gist of the ad is the somewhat tenuous link between time and love. The girl in the angelic white on the left is supposed to be waiting her whole life for that 'perfect' someone, whilst the girl on the right in the fiery red dress is 'seizing a moment for passion'. Confucian celibacy versus western sluttiness perhaps? An ad campaign to specifically target frigid office girls with ticking hormone time bombs, wavering in their wait for Mr Right? I don't know. What I do know is the kids at the agency must have been smoking something pretty strong when they thought this one up. Incredibly, they even went as far as commissioning the global market research company Synovate to conduct a region-wide survey on the matter. Gimmick.

And let's not even get into the subject of big dogs.

Buy a watch.

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