Hong Kong Volvo Stretch Limo / A Very Unhealthy Butter And Peanut Butter Sandwich

One of the reasons I started this blog was to to share with a wider audience some of the quirkier things that delight me on a daily basis during my 'vie quotidienne à Hong Kong'.

Like this Volvo Stretch Limo. I mean, where in the world, apart from here (or Sweden perhaps), would you ever be likely to come across one of these daft-looking motors? The only question that enters my head when I see this crazy clunker is: why?

And this. Maxim's Group, not content with being complicit in the wholesale wiping out of an entire species, are working hard on wiping out another species. Us. The human race. This 'sam mun jie' has got to be the most heart-stopping, cardiac-inducing, gastronomic death trap known to... the Hong Kong commuter. My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I first spotted it for sale at a little Maxim's Bakery shop in Fortress Hill MTR station this afternoon. Heart-bypass anyone? It seems Maxim's wants to kill us all...

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