E-waste 'recycling' in Guiyu, China - 04

Here comes this week's set of nasty e-waste photos from Guiyu, China - a small town with a dirty secret. As usual, the full story behind the images can be found here.

A truck full of plastic CRT (cathode ray tube) monitor cases. These are called 'shells' in the e-waste business. Since the world is now scrutinizing goings-on in Guiyu more closely, it has become a mystery where the the 'yolks', ie the cathode ray tubes themselves, are broken down. This is one sub-industry within the e-waste 'recycling' business that has become highly opaque and impenetrable due to it's very dirty processes, according to my sources at Basel Action Network.

Hanging clothes to dry next to piles of PC power supplies.

Old phones on top of a truck.

Anyone know what this means? I would love to know. It's industry stuff...

Breaking down e-waste bits and bobs.

More breaking down of e-waste bits and bobs.

No idea what this assorted jumble is.

Integrated circuit boards on the back of a tricycle.

Close shot of integrated circuit boards on the back of a tricycle.

Tune in next Tuesday for the final set of pix from Guiyu, the e-waste capital of China, if not the world.

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