E-waste 'recycling' in Guiyu, China - 02

I had such a positive response to my 'E-waste 'recycling' in Guiyu, China - 01' story posted on the 17th July 2009 that I have decided to upload more pix from the trip. However I have so many pictures to share, that I will be uploading them in weekly batches of nine images per batch over the next four weeks.

The story behind the pix is here.

The first batch is here:-

Breaking apart PC power supplies.

Unloading computer printed circuit boards in downtown Guiyu.

Unloading computer printed circuit boards.

Bags of flat screen monitors ready for breaking.

A Dell 760E keyboard sits in a bag of e-waste.

Integrated circuit boards.

A truck full of unidentified e-waste.

A truck full of unidentified e-waste.

A shop advertises that they buy Integrated Circuit boards.

More next week...

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