Hong Kong Minibus Druggy Poster

There have been two stories in the local press that have caught my eye recently. The first is about random drugs testing for school kids in Hong Kong. The second is about the current spate of minibus crashes in Hong Kong which have resulted in four deaths due to careless speeding drivers. This has revived the old debate over whether the Government should fit mandatory speed limiters to minibuses, or not. They will, but not until 2010.

Both these stories have had legs, and have been running across all local media for days and days now.

So is it just me, or is it not just a tad strange to see druggy posters displayed in the windows of the red Shau Kei Wan minibus (facing both inwards and outwards)?

OK, so I know the posters are within the law as they do not actually promote the sale of drugs or condone their use. They only advertise a place in Church Street, Shau Kei Wan, where you can buy drug smoking paraphernalia. Like papers, bongs and pipes for smoking marijuana or cannabis, for example.

But as the minibus screams round another hairpin bend on the Shek O road at 80km/h, and as I hang onto dear life and the seat in front of me with clenched teeth and bare white knuckles, it does make me slightly uneasy to think of the drivers of these unregulated death traps colluding with the pot smoking crowd to strike a deal to display these posters on red minibuses in the first place.

Or to put it in simple terms, are Hong Kong minibuses drivers in the habit of flying along at crazy speeds because they are stoned?

11/08/2009 UPDATE: I just found out from a reporter at the South China Morning Post that the owner of the shop is in fact a minibus driver himself.

Oh dear. We're doomed.

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