Hong Kong Cosplay Bikini Surfboard Shutterbug Madness

Hong Kong never ceases to fill me with wonder and awe. But when I ran into this today the only thing that crossed my mind was, 'why?'

I'm not sure what this photo is trying to say. But at least the colour scheme works. Sort of.

The rest of the set-up is, I must say, slightly odd. What we are actually witnessing here is Hong Kong's very lively 'shutterbug' culture, which is especially active on Sundays. The background is reminiscent of alleyways you might find in the historic medina (المدينة القديمة)‎ of the Morroccan city, Tetuan, whilst the foreground is straight out of last week's Ani-Com fair in Hong Kong.

OK. I promise that is that last freak to be posted to this blog for a while.

A few yards from where that cyan wig surfboard bikini aperture and shutter speed action was going on, I also photographed this delightful kitchen.

Hong Kong Luxury Property it is not.

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