Hong Kong Doggy Dial-A-Dinner

Only in Hong Kong!

That's a phrase you hear quite often around here. Got money to burn? Well why not dial-a-doggy-dinner for your favourite pampered pooch?

I thought I had seen it all. From doggy pushchairs and doggy birthday cakes to doggy cappuccinos and doggy acupuncture, it's all out there in the Big Lychee.

But now one enterprising young lady in the Central mid-Levels has discovered a hitherto unexplored niche in the pet-pampering scene that I'm sure will do very well.

Although she's only been going for two weeks now, Jennifer Chan of 'Wahfugu' has set up the ultimate canine catering business for those too rich, lazy or vain, (or all three), to open a can of Pedigree Chum.

On the gourmet doggy dinner delivery menu are such gastronomic delights as Chicken & Egg Rice, Pak Choi with Minced Pork Rice, Pak Choi with Minced Pork Pasta, and Beef with Chicken & Vegetable Pasta.

Charging local cha chan teng take away prices for her dog food that is actually fit for human consumption, Ms Chan is onto a winner, so watch this space. It might be a bit bland for me though, as all of Ms Chan's creations contain no salt, herbs, spices or MSG that can potentially upset poor little Fido's delicate constitution.

A few local celebrities that I can't name here are already on her list of clients. Don't Hong Kong peope just love a new thing!?

Oh, and don't ever bring up the topic of people starving on the horn of Africa. Or people sleeping on the streets of Kowloon for that matter. We don't pass those kind of judgments in Hong Kong, do we? If it makes money it must be good.

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