Hong Kong Cosplay Kids

Over at  'Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong' things are little strange if you're not familiar with the world of 'anime' and 'manga'. Which I'm not.

Once a year Hong Kong kids get together to go crazy on the latest in the world of comics and plastic figurines. It's easy to imagine why. Hong Kong teens are mosly cooped up in tiny flats in public housing. The kids with fertile imaginations let them run riot in the (mostly Japanese-inspired) world of super heroes and cartoon characters, whether that be in 'graphic novels' or computer games, or both. Going outside gets tedious, you see, when everything costs money, is covered in concrete, and the weather is too hot and polluted. It's just so easy to shut the world out with a comic or PSP.

But isn't the real world an odd enough place as it is without having someone else dream up a pantheon of wierdoes with big fluorescent hair-dos, capes, weapons and frilly bits for you?

One only has to read the news on any given night to see that fact is so often much stranger than Edwardian fiction. Especially in Hong Kong.

But it's all harmless fun, and the Cosplay kids were having a whale of a time down at the Convention Centre today.

I usually have a strict policy on the old Winston Churchill, but today I decided to let it slide for once. Spot the geek in the background.

This one is reminds me of chicken teriyaki, chop suey or that stupid chopsticks font. Too much.

The rather breathless-sounding Ani-Com press release was very keen to let the world know (in large bold font no less), that "the total number of visitors for today is 156,000, comparing to the figure last year, it has been increased by 5.4%".

So there you have it. I put that down to the ever-present pseudo-models, don't you know.


If this stuff really grabs you, there's more than you can shake a stick at in my Hong Kong Cosplay album in the Portfolio section of this site.


(Time for a bit of housekeeping >>> I've had a few people berating me for not 'keeping your blog up to date'. It seems the last post was on the 25th July. Well, I've decided that the way it's going to be is if I've got nothing interesting to say or no interesting photos to show, there'll be no blog entry. If I'm busy or having fun, expect colour. But I'm certainly not going to make myself a slave to this thing. I think it's pointless 'updating' it for no reason. Nuff said.)


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